Specializing in Cow Horses : Cutting, Ranch versatility , Reined cow horse , & Ranch Sorting and Team penning, Ranch Horses. 

What we offer : 

Cattle/ Flag work 

Rein work 

Rope work 

Outside miles 

Barrel / pole horse foundations & tuning 

Body work / Softening 

Ranch sorting & Team-penning tune ups and Training 


Ground work / yearling training

Stallion handling & Training 



Horses for sale 

What to expect while your horse is at RCPH 


Daily Care: 


  • Clean fresh water 

  • Quality Hay 

  • Low Starch / Low Sugar feed 

  • Daily Turn out 

  • Pen cleaned daily 

  • Blanketing 

  • Groomed / Braided 





    Horses are trained accordingly to the program that was selected for them, whether that be cow-work or maybe just fundamentals of body work. Each horse is taught at the horses pace, as each horse learns differently, some faster than others, they are worked to their ability, with consistency and reward. It is not the same for every horse, Samantha works with open mind so she can adapt her techniques and skills to the particular needs of each horse. There is nothing worst than to pushing a young horse too hard too soon. 

When working with colts, or young horses I value my ground work program. I teach the horses forward, backward, left and right , before ever swinging a leg on them. This helps them to not get scared or confused when the first ride is took. They are soft in all parts of their body, pole, withers, back and sides. They learn to drive forward off of your seat and leg ,and learn to do it at a relaxed pace. This keeps them willing and learning. We start in the round pen, and then work our way to the arena and then hit some outside trails. 


Safety is a huge factor with me while training, keeping horses controlled and willing is better than having a run off with no breaks. Horses are pray animals, so it’s fight or flight, and I do my best to get them to use their responsive side of the brain, rather than the reactive side.  Again this goes back to some horses are tougher than others and how each horse responds is different. 


Horses take a long time to train, yes you can cowboy them and get on them in three days, but why get in a hurry and then miss a step in the foundation that you may need later on down the road? If you want a 30 day wonder horse you have come to the wrong place. All my programs are 90 day minimums. This gives the horse time to learn. 


My horses are willing soft and wait for me. I work with owners and horses and get them to understand each other , and build a partnership and understanding with each other so there is little confusion. No body or no horse is perfect, that’s not what we are about here, we are about building and helping, and teaching an understanding of horsemanship to the horse owner. 

The end result , is a happy willing horse, and a owner who can enjoy their horse. 

Training photos & Video