Our Training program consists of a gentle approach to performance horse training. We like to keep our colts having a willing attitude and wanting to do their job. We train to the horses ability and potential. We don't Bronc horses out, we start them correctly on the ground teaching them all the skills they will need when they are ready for a rider. You can never do enough ground work. Building that solid foundation is key to having a successfully trained horse. 


Depending on which program you choose whether it be colt starting or keeping the finished horse ready to go, we train ,with you the owner in mind,  and the goals you have for your horse or horses. 


Full Time Training & Board -  

Full Time Training with Feed & Board - $900/ month 

Horses are worked 5-6 days per week. 

Turned out daily 

2 free lessons per month 

Part time Training with Feed & Board - $750/ month 

Horses are worked 2-3 days per week

Daily Turn out 

1 free lesson per month 

Training that we offer - 

Cattle/ Flag work 

Ranch Sorting & Team Penning 



Some Training Photos