Basic riding & Horsemanship - $75/ hr  

This lesson package is for the very beginner or beginner / intermediate rider wanting to learn more about horses , handling and horsemanship. This is a from the ground up lesson. You learn horse to properly catch, tie, lead, walk with and handle a horse on the ground.  Fundamental groundwork and lunging. How to groom, saddle and unsaddle. Properly fit tack , bridles, halters ect. Clean out horses feet and the number one rule safety around horses.

Cattle/ Flag Work - $75/ hr 

This lesson package is for those who are wanting to learn how to properly work their horses on cattle and the flag. Here I teach how to set your horse for success on cattle and the flag. Teaching you how to properly que your horse and set them up to be confident on cattle. 

Dry Work - $75/hr

This lesson package is for those who may need help with rein work , stopping , body control, queuing horses , leg and posture. Also helping with keeping your horse balanced and soft , and teaching you how to be light with your hands, leg, and seat. 

Active 4-h and FFA Kids $45/ Hr any lesson Package !