Consignment Program 

Why consign with Rugged Cross ?

Let us sell your horse for you!  We offer an affordable consignment program, for a limited number of pre- qualified horses. To see if your horse qualifies 

We run a very successful program with selling over 150 horses in 2019 and over 200 in 2020. All with having happy buyers and sellers and horses in new homes. Our sale horses get wonderful homes, we have many repeat clients, and we regularly get updates on many of the horses that we have sold in the past. 


          The seller sets a price for which they will sell the horse and when the horse is first moved to our facility we work with the horse a few times and get to know the horse. If everything looks good we continue our process of marketing and selling the horse.  We take pictures of the horse, produce a sales video, and advertise.  We advertise through our website, social media , and numerous horse for sale sites and apps. 

            We also let our extensive list of clients know horses are available, through email.  If suitable for the job, we use the horse in our show program until sold, which also helps the horse to sell.  Horses are up for sale within a few days from moving into our barn, depending on the horse and situation.  Our average selling time is 45 days, our sales contract is typically a 60 day period. 


All fees are be paid by the seller, including our commission off of the sales price that the seller has agreed to on the horse. When horse arrives at our facility. 

All inclusive consignment program: 60 day program. 


  • Horses are prepped and fitted for sale 

  • Marketing and advertising on website, and social media and varied other sale sites.

  • Professional Video and Pictures  

  • Quality Alfalfa hay 

  • Blanketed/ Sheets 

  • Under Lights 

  • Coggins and Health papers 

  • Brand inspection fees 

Seller information:

 Care that is due while the horse is in the program is billed to the seller. (Farrier, vet, coggins, shots, teeth floating,etc). 

When you bring horse to RCPH  if registered the horse registration papers, a signed transfer, coggins, Please also provide any other records you have on your horse such as vet records, show records, and copies of pictures or video. Thank you and God Bless ! 


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SOLD $16000

SOLD $25'000

SOLD $12000 

SOLD $11'000 

SOLD $12'000 

SOLD $6500 

SOLD $4500 

SOLD $11000

SOLD $6500