The Trainer 

Samantha has always been known for her passion for her horses, and strong worth ethic. At a young age she would help her grandfather Reed Jenkins at the track with his race horses. Whether it would be mucking stalls, cleaning water buckets, and tacking up horses to gallop. She has always been driven and worked hard. "Just being around them fills my heart" is what she always says. 

Through her teenage years Samantha worked or rode horses every chance she got. Even if it was just handling them and brushing one out. 

She was raised by her grandmother. "We couldn't afford to keep a horse at the time, but I made friends with people who had horses or would just offer to exercise them whenever I could" 

After highschool Samantha went to LAMAR COMMUNITY COLLEGE and studied the Horse Training and Management Program there. Then she went on to work for a Reining horse trainer then a Cow horse trainer, learning and growing her skills as a young up and coming trainer. 

Sam still continues learning and riding with professionals in the cutting industry and learning from them every chance she gets. 

Sam has proven herself to be an accomplished and exceptional trainer, which is not common in a business where everyone calls themselves a trainer after reading a couple of horse whisperer books and watching videos on YouTube.