Rugged Cross Performance Horses 

Thank you for selecting Rugged Cross Performance Horses as a Trainer for your horse. Here you can be confident in our training program knowing that your horse will get the quality one on one training time, he/she needs. We are very professional with what we do and care for each horse with the up most care.


We Train with a purpose! We do our best to reach each goal that you may have for your horse to your horse’s ability. We train and base our methods on what works best for the horse. Each horse takes to training differently as they each have a mind of their own. We get horses soft, supple and keep them willing learning partners through the whole program.


Getting horses willing, soft, and supple is key to having a healthy relationship and a responsive, respectful horse. We thrive on excellence, hard work, and are proud of our training program and horses.  Horses are worked accordingly to their ability. This keeps horses sound and willing training partners. We can accommodate and train stallions. 

Give us a call  719-371-7588